Thank you for reading my 10 Secrets for Great Communication. I have created this in response to a number of requests for a shorter, pocket-sized version of my previous blog. This material is being expanded into a book to be published in the near future. Be sure to check back for updates on this over the next few months.
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Below is the list of the 10 Secrets. Follow along each week for the most recent installment of the expanded (yet abridged!) versions of each:
  1. People Want You To Be Interesting
  2. Fear Is Like Excitement & Can Be Harnessed
  3. Relaxation Is A Skill
  4. Criticism Doesn't Have To Hurt
  5. Communication Is A Gift
  6. Rehearsal Required
  7. What's The Angle?
  8. Find The Hook
  9. Be Human
  10. Repeat After Me: "I Don't Know"
I hope you find this blog useful, share it with colleagues and anyone else you think may benefit, and offer any feedback that you care to share.